Year: 2020

Medicine for impotence: how to choose the right therapy?

The problem of impotence worries many men. This sexual disorder interferes with a normal lifestyle. When faced with this disease, you must immediately begin treatment. But how to choose the right tool to be effective, but at the same time not harmful? Impotence is an erectile dysfunction that results in complete or partial loss of […]

Infertility, impotence – how the coronavirus affects male potency

How coronavirus affects male potency: When the virus enters the blood, the vascular wall is affected, which causes blood to thicken. Hence all the ensuing consequences and, if the question is about potency, of course, there is a violation of arterial blood flow to the vessels of the sexual organ, says the urologist-andrologist. The coronavirus […]

What is the danger of an overdose of Levitra?

Many men have repeatedly proved the effectiveness of Levitra by their own example. The side effect, if it occurred, was most often due to exceeding the recommended dose. It should be understood that an increased concentration of the active substance in the body can only lead to the fact that all the side effects established […]

Urologist’s answers to questions about erection pills

First of all, we asked how often men are diagnosed with “erectile dysfunction” and what is the age category of patients who are prescribed a pill to increase potency as a medicine. In recent years, there have been more cases of erectile dysfunction, but this cannot be attributed to poor health. Rather, this is due […]

What is the difference between sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil?

To date, the most effective method of treating erectile dysfunction is the use of drugs-PDE-5 inhibitors. The first invented drug from this group was sildenafil, the price of which today depends on whether the tablet is an original or an analog. The drug is better known as Viagra and since its introduction to the pharmaceutical […]

Causes of erectile dysfunction — why does impotence occur?

Erectile dysfunction is the worst thing for a man. Of particular interest are the possible causes of impotence and ways to treat it. Factors that lead to impotence are associated with both organic prerequisites and psychological state. The main causes of erectile dysfunction The key and most common causes of impotence in men vary depending […]

Levitra online USA sellers: How to choose a drugstore on the web

Almost any man knows the three most popular medications for better erections and brighter sex – that is, Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Right now, we will explain how to find the best Levitra online USA sellers if you prefer this medicine. Moreover, you will learn more on the main differences between the best drugs for […]

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