How does levitra affect blood pressure

There is no doubt that many people know such a disease as high blood pressure, which in medical terms is called hypertension. However, not everyone knows all the consequences that can be caused by this very disease, and in fact among these consequences are sexual ones. Also, many people seriously believe that you can not use Levitra after or during the disease, since the use of the drug in combination with hypertension will have a bad effect on overall health. It should be noted that there is still some truth in this public opinion. Yes, hypertension is indeed perhaps the most important contraindication, because of which the use of Levitra should be reduced to a minimum or even stop using this medication. Therefore, such an important question as “Can I use Levitra for hypertension?” there is a clear answer-it is highly undesirable. However, it is best to understand this issue thoroughly.

Levitra for hypertension

Most often, a disease such as hypertension occurs in the human body quite quietly, that is, without any pronounced symptoms. Everything seems to be normal, but even short-term hypertension can affect a person’s sexual and sexual life very badly, up to the inability to perform a full-fledged sexual act.

levitra and blood pressure

Due to the fact that there are more and more men who suffer from high blood pressure today, modern problems of sexual life are becoming key problems. For example, in a man who suffers from hypertension, the walls of blood vessels gradually become thicker and thicker, and thickening leads to a decrease in blood flow to the genital area. Therefore, each time it is more and more difficult for a man to achieve a full erection, and its duration is becoming less and less. In most cases, even one case of an incomplete erection or a case of its short duration can lead to the fact that a man will simply have certain complexes. These very complexes eventually negatively affect the relationship with the partner.

Opinion of medical professionals

Without a doubt, many men with such problems try to stay positive, and all complexes try to keep secret from others. This may be a good thing, but they limit themselves in the same way, and they do not think about the consequences at all. It is best to forget about fears, complexes and shyness and talk to a medical specialist frankly, telling about all the problems and possible fears. Only a doctor can help overcome fear, give advice and prescribe the necessary medications to maintain potency. After consultation, many men become not only calmer, but also more confident. One of the best medications to date is Levitra, but other medications may be prescribed.

The thing is that men who have heart problems, sexual life as a concept is contraindicated. Not to the end, but to the minimum exactly. If we talk about Levitra tablets, which can be purchased without any problems at any pharmacy or online store, then you should not use them for hypertension. But why?

The thing is that the composition of Levitra itself contains one important active component called Vardenafil. This component contributes to a more intensive blood flow to the genital area. And if a person has hypertension, that is, high blood pressure, then the already rapidly circulating blood will move through the vessels even faster, which in the end will not lead to better potency, but to a deterioration in the overall condition of the body.

On the other hand, you do not need to be prematurely afraid, because hypertension can be of different classifications. For example, someone may have early and minor hypertension. There are also men who can take Levitra even with hypertension. These men are primarily young men with a small degree of the disease. In the end, the decision on whether to take Levitra for hypertension or not, remains only for the doctor. Only the doctor, after a detailed examination of the patient and checking all his tests, can not only allow / prohibit taking Levitra, but also prescribe the permitted dosage.

Levitra at high blood pressure

The question of using a stimulating drug in the presence of signs of hypertension is decided by the attending physician. If there is a risk of an uncontrolled increase in blood pressure, the patient should completely abandon the use of a sexual stimulant in order to reduce the likelihood of a hypertensive crisis, which is often fatal.

Acceptable dosage of Levitra

If there is a risk of developing hypertension, the doctor recommends that the patient stop taking the maximum doses of the stimulant. As a rule, to achieve a noticeable stimulating effect, it is enough for patients to take 5-10 mg of vardenafil. The specific dosage of the drug is calculated by the attending physician, who pre-determines the state of the cardiovascular and genitourinary systems.

Persons over 65 years of age, as well as patients with renal insufficiency should not take more than 5 mg of vardenafil per day. A significant reduction in the dosage is taken due to the reduced clearance of active components that can linger in the body and cause side effects.

Patients suffering from high blood pressure often need constant use of certain medications that have a hypotensive effect. Therefore, persons receiving specialized treatment should consult their doctor in advance about the permissibility of taking sexual stimulants.

How does levitra affect blood pressure

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