Our Policies

In this section, we will tell our website visitors the main about our policies. First of all, mind that our project is an informational resource. We only pick the best Levitra sellers, share the links with you, and place helpful information on proper use of the drug. Also, you will appreciate our privacy policy applicable to personal data. It helps you stay absolutely anonymous when buying cheap Levitra online.

Privacy policy applicable to personal data

All the articles and other content on our website are for informational purposes only, and are not to be used by visitors as medical recommendations or as a call to purchase certain goods or services. We strictly comply with the law on the protection of personal data and privacy. The collection of personal information, including name and surname, email, phone number, address, carry out the sellers’ websites.

General privacy policy:

  • defines the third-party site policy regarding the processing of your personal data
  • usually personal data are: surname, first name, gender, date of birth, username, phone number, email, address for delivery and invoice if needed
  • we collect your personal data using cookies
  • also, we use your personal data to answer your questions and send you information, but only if you need it
  • we are not responsible for the processing and data protection activities carried out by any third party
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