Which OTC pills help with impotence?

26 effective and inexpensive pills needed for men’s potency: Let’s analyze 26 inexpensive and effective pills for men’s potency and prices for these products in pharmacies and on the modern market.

What categories of medicines are allocated

In the topic of sexual impotence, the following groups of medications are distinguished:

  • PDE type 5 inhibitors. Increase blood flow to the intimate organ. They begin to act only if there is a sexual partner nearby. Not suitable for people with poor health due to side symptoms from taking. Examples: Levitra, Viagra, Zidena, and the like.
  • Activating the synthesis of nitric oxide. Thanks to the products of this group, nitric oxide is produced more strongly in the body, which is necessary for General relaxation of muscles and expansion of arteries. After all, it is known that tension and tightness in the body prevent full coition and blood filling of the organ. For example, the group includes L-arginine, impase, and the like.
  • Producing testosterone. They are prescribed only for testosterone deficiency after appropriate tests. This male hormone is responsible for many processes in the body, including reproductive abilities. Examples: Methyltestosterone, Andriol, and others.
  • Dietary supplements. Active supplements are made on the basis of natural extracts of plants or elements of animal origin. Hence, most of them are safe for health. The reception of products of this group is positively perceived during meals. Examples: Ergoforce, Speman, and the like.
  • Blockers of class alpha. They work with sexual impotence of the psychological plan, that is, if the problem is in the head. Also applicable in cases of circulatory disorders. They calm the psyche before coitus, suppress the adrenaline that interferes with relaxation. Examples: Yohimbine, Phentolamine, and others.

Prices in pharmacies for tablets for men’s potency may differ. When specifying the cost of the medicine, the average value of the medicine was set. To understand the picture, let’s first clarify one question.

Pills help with impotence

How does a man’s penis get tougher before intimacy?

How does the intimate organ acquire the appropriate forms for a full-fledged love act:

1) The sexual organ of the stronger sex is similar to a sponge. This sponge is a so-called cavernous body, which is filled with blood when sexual attraction to a woman and desire.

2) Your friend increases in size under the action of nitric oxide in the body. In order for the blood to penetrate freely, it is necessary that the muscles at the root of the intimate organ are completely relaxed. This is how it all works.

How nitric oxide in the body leads to an erection

Nitric oxide (NO) mixes with other substances in the body, and together they form a new component of cGMP – cGMP helps to relax the muscles at the base of the body, thanks to this, the blood fills the intimate organ, it becomes tougher – And to maintain an erection, the vessels for outflow narrow.

26 medications for men

Let’s start to analyze in detail the rating of pills for the potency of men, which are the best for eliminating intimate disorders.

Eroforce Forte

SUPPLEMENT. A natural drug that affects the body in a complex way. From the reception, the secretion of testosterone is added, blood circulation to the sexual organ is normalized. Promotes the appearance of persistent desire, relieves inflammation in the prostate gland. It affects the nervous system as an anti-stress product. Effective from the first capsule. Contains in its composition such vegetable and mineral components as dwarf palm extract, ginseng root, Rhodiola rosea, zinc. To drink for 42 minutes before intimacy. For a stable result, it is advisable to drink a course of 2 weeks. Special side effects and contraindications were not noticed.

Cialis (tadalafil)

The action of “Cialis” is due to the production of nitric oxide, this pills help with impotence, due to which the relaxing mechanism of the veins begins to function correctly. Due to this, the intimate organ is more abundantly filled with blood and this leads to its persistence. Works only with natural sexual irritation. Active for a long time after use. Each 20 mg Cialis pill contains tadalafil. Take 34 minutes before intimacy. It is contraindicated in heart diseases and is prohibited when taken together with other medications that correct sexual impotence, for example, with nitrates. Headaches may occur after administration.


It helps restore the functioning of the reproductive organ by releasing oxygen-containing nitrogen compounds in its tissues. This leads to an increase in the level of guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), relieving tension in the groin area and increasing blood circulation in it. The normalization of these physiological processes causes resistance in the instrument of pleasure. Is composed of the corresponding element under the name “sildenafil”. Take 50 minutes before the intended intimacy. It is contraindicated with constant intake of nitrates of any form, cirrhosis of the liver, Peyronie’s disease, arrhythmia. Causes side effects from the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.


Homeopathic medicinal product help with impotence. Under the influence of Impaza, the endothelium produces the necessary amount of nitric oxide, increases the content of guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), and relaxes the smooth muscles of the fighting buddy. Increases sexual desire, regular intake increases the level of testosterone in the blood. Impaza contains components such as a water-alcohol mixture of antibodies to endothelial NO synthase. Take 2 hours before intimacy. Long-term course admission lasts up to 8 months. It is contraindicated in people with congenital lactose insufficiency. May cause diarrhea, nausea.

Levitra Vardenafil

Activates the release of nitric oxide, which can cause smooth muscle relaxation in the tissues of the intimate organ due to the appearance of a sufficient concentration of guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). These processes increase the volume of blood flowing to the pelvic area and cause normal sexual intercourse hardness in the instrument for pleasure. Available in different dosages containing “vardenafil”. Take 35-60 minutes before the intended intimate contact. Contraindicated with concurrent reception of the goods of nitrates. Side effects of Levitra are redness of the face, nausea, dizziness.

What medications should not be mixed with

What medications should not be mixed with

It is forbidden to take simultaneously with medications from the group of nitrates (for example, nitroglycerin) together with a group of PDE type 5 inhibitors, that is, with Viagra, Zidena and the like. Otherwise, due to low blood pressure and poor blood flow to the brain or heart, such a combined intake can lead to death. It is also known that Dietary supplements are perfectly absorbed during food intake. But another group of medications like PDE-5 inhibitors are poorly absorbed by the body if taken together with fatty foods.

Which OTC pills help with impotence?

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